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Deer Creek USA Golf and Fore Honor Event Center and Fore Honor Foundation is the First ALL Honor’s golf course and Event Center of it’s kind. Giving Free HONOR Memberships by waving daily green fees for all our Armed Forces, Veterans and First Emergency Responders who Serve/Served to Protect, Defend and Sacrifice for our Nation. Our Vision as we grow forward is to create a unique ALL HONOR’S golf course and facility dedicating tee boxes and greens honoring each branch of service throughout the beautiful acreage. We plan to utilize the natural proven healing benefits of Eco-therapy and offer alternative and holistic wellness programs and provide facility space to Organizations and events that are created to help those challenged by PTSD and TBI sustained from their time of Service & Duty. In turn helping to raise awareness and help stop and prevent the tragic 22 suicides a day caused from P.T.S. D. and T.B.I
The Beautiful Deer Creek USA Golf and Fore Honor Event Center is the proud headquarters of the Fore Honor Foundation.



Fore Honor Foundation Mission and Vision of Honor, Respect and Healing is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to help and assist Military, Veterans, First Responders, their Families and Organizations that provide free or discounted golf, activities, services, counseling, wellness programs and events for our deserving Military, Veterans and First Responders to help those whose lives have been challenged and negatively affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Through offering assistance and wellness programs The Fore Honor Foundation wants to help prevent and stop the tragic 22 suicides per day that stem from PTSD related causes. Fore Honor Foundation Plans to host Events and Fundraisers needed to raise funds necessary to provide help and assistance for Organizations, Individuals and their families programs to continue services, Utilites, Wellness, get through hardship times, By giving Honor and Respect we feel we provide hope and where there is Hope… there can be healing.

The Fore Honor Foundation Visionary & Founder is Andrea Politte. A Proud Former USMC Military Mom raised by a patriotic father. Zach, her Military son, former USMC SSgt AVI Engineer 3rd MAW. A 3x Iraq War Veteran - Disabled / Medically retired- Silver Star Veteran, Owner of Elite LawnScapes. Her youngest son Elliott is a proud military brother & an accomplished IT Lead, Web Designer & Owner of Elite Webscapes. Elliott designed the Deer Creek USA / FORE HONOR Logos.. Andrea has family who have served during war & non-war times including a sister who is a Disabled Army Sgt Veteran, Grandfathers, Uncles, Aunts, Nephews, Cousins & dear Friends which is part of the inspiration behind this Mission. Andrea has been a part of helping organizations for many years helped the NY-NJ PAPD after 9-11 for the Surviving Children’s Fund, the Fallen Heroes Project, Camp Hope for combat wounded Vets, AMVETS ladies Auxiliary member, a Patriot Guard Rider Member, an Associate member of Vietnam Veterans of America and a American Red Cross Mass Disaster Care Volunteer & was deployed to New Jersey in Hurricane Irene, Andrea created Deer Creek USA & the FORE HONOR Foundation with HONOR and RESPECT for ALL who serve(d) and remind all to be GRATEFUL for their sacrifices given and to remind us to Remember to Remember….The reason anyone can be out playing golf or doing any activity and enjoying their day is because someone is sacrificing their own lives to have their backs. Want to Help? Please do, we need your help! We can’t do this alone & need your support. Book a fundraiser, tournament or event with us. Sponsorships & advertising available. All Donations whether monetary, volunteering, in-kind auction items or products are sincerely appreciated and go to assist Our Mission and Vision of Honor and Respect for all who Serve, Defend, Sacrifice and Protect. Thank you in advance. / (636) 671-0447 /
Deer Creek USA Golf & Event Center / Fore Honor Foundation 5300 Dulin Creek Rd House Springs MO 63051

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Donates Facility Location & Utilities
for a new "VET CENTER" location for
Jefferson County
Serving 17,500 Veterans & families

There are more than 22 suicides a day by our Veterans from PTSD & TBI. We have to help stop these tragic deaths.

As the Proud mom of a USMC Ssgt Silver Star Combat Wounded War Vet of 3 tours of War. I & my family understand the importance of the need for a variety of assistance and support programs to be readily available for our Veterans and their families for their healing and overall wellbeing. PTSD can rip families apart, it can devastate, it can paralyze their life, it can drive our Veterans to rely vices such as alcohol and drugs to cope while trying to find their balance. PTSD can kill and does, 22 or more times per day. PTSD & TBI is serious and very real. The Combat Veteran, and First Responder, All who put their lives on the line and put themselves in harm’s way everyday are prone to PTSD. They need and deserve resources available for them and their families to get counseling when needed. We realize that when a Veteran or First Responder serves, The whole family serves. My son is now medically retired with disabilities from PTSD, TBI and physical injuries from his10 yrs of Service and Duty including Parkinson’s disease. He served as 3rd MAW AVI Engineer CH46 Left Side Door Gunner with the CAS-E-VAC UNIT doing rescue and recovery all 3 tours. The physical or emotional wounds and haunts of PTSD and TBI are real. We want to be a positive resource so we donated the space needed for the Stl. Vet Center to have a Remote location in Jefferson County,

Helping those challenged with PTSD and their families has always been part of our Mission and Vision of Honor & Respect and Healing as the Fore Honor Foundation & Deer Creek USA ALL Honor’s Golf & Event Center. This spring we learned the St. Louis “Vet” (Veterans) Center was looking for a Jefferson County Satellite location. The Fore Honor Foundation stepped up and offered to donate the space required. They ran it up the chain of command and Washington DC approved, and now we are Proud to say we will be the First Jefferson County Vet Center Location, the agreement stipulated that we have to provide whatever it takes to provide the location, except the counselor. All Demo needed, building materials &, labor, lease, utilities, insurances, common area, care & maint., and all required expenses needed thereafter for it’s existence at the Fore Honor Location.

WHY? Because it’s the right thing to do. Because it’s about Honor and respect. Because those who serve have our backs every day. Because The Divine shown me a Vision and was very clear about this particular Honor Mission. So I gathered up what savings I had, sold my belongings of value except my car, pushed the limits on my credit cards and did the leap of faith and began this first of it’s kind Mission of Honor, Respect, Healing and Wellness. As a Combat Veteran’s Mom, family and friend of many who served and sacrificed, I am grateful beyond explanation. I know how challenging real PTSD & TBI is. How the mental and physical scars affect the quality of so many lives, including my Son. So for me, it’s very important to raise community awareness and help in the healing process. To provide a place of hope – Where there is Hope there can be Healing We all have our stories… and mine came from a conversation with the Divine and he put me on this Honor Mission. Didn’t know about how hard or challenging it would be to raise the crazy amount of funds needed. But I do know I can not give up. I have to keep moving forward and have the kind of faith that moves mountains, allow, and learn how to ask for help.

This is a donation based Vet Center project to benefit our community and we need help to make tis ha ppen. We appreciate any and all donations, Monetary, Skilled Trade Services, Time, In Kind and Auction Items. All Events or Tournaments Hosted at Deer Creek USA/Fore Honor are greatly appreciated. Proceeds assist the Fore Honor Foundation in this Mission and Vision of Honor, Respect and Healing for our Deserving Veterans and their families. Help us Help those with PTSD & TBI and Prevent 22 PTSD Suicides per day.
Thank you because of your appreciated Support …Together, We can touch hearts & help heal lives
Donations can be mailed to Fore Honor 5300 Dulin Creek Rd House Springs, MO 63051 Called in 636-671-0447
or made online: or via paypal.

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